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Our Houses and apartments in Lunigiana
We have a collection of cottages, houses and apartments amongst the spectacular hill villages of Lunigiana.
You can explore an undiscovered part of Tuscany, and experience Italian village life.
Step back in time and enjoy a slower pace of life amongst the verdant hills and crystal clear river pools of Lunigiana...

Browse our properties in Lunigiana (most can be booked from any day, not just Saturdays - ideal for lower air fares)

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Eating in Lunigiana, Tuscany
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  • Lunigiana tourist page
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    See the review in the Times
    See an article about Lunigiana

    What one our clients said about the food in Lunigiana:
    "Talking of restaurants, Da Remo's is a real find, we had some of the most wonderful food we have ever had in Italy there.
    In fact I am now of the opinion that the resturants of Lunigiana are the best in Italy because they are so un-commercialised and authentic, we love the surprises you can have having no menu, by far the best way to discover the true cuisine of Italy.
    This was our second visit to Lunigiana and we will certainly be back, everyone is so friendly, from the man we met on a mountain who took us into his garden to have our picnic - we were just a little lost! - to the lovely lady in the bar in Monzone which we visited every day and knew by our second visit that my husband loved a Sambuca with his espresso!"

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  • Just wanted to say thank you for organising a wonderful holiday for us. Everything worked out really well, the comprehensive information you sent me was well used, the scenery was breathtaking and the people charming.
    I will be coming back to you again I hope.
    Thanks again from all of us for a truly memorable holiday.