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Bureaucracy and Ceremonies

Civil Ceremony
Civil weddings are legally recognised marriages and must take place in town halls (‘Comune') approved by the local authorities. Italian authorities do not recognize marriages in private villas or castles. The wedding halls are historical renaissance Palazzos with beautiful frescoed walls and not cold government halls! The Mayor or Vice-Mayor performs the ceremony. The closest wedding halls in the vicinity of the two properties we offer are: San Gimignano, Certaldo, Siena and Florence.

Regarding legal & paperwork assistance in organising your civil wedding, we work with a very professional and well-established legal agency in Florence that can easily guide you through the process. We can help you to:

Book a wedding hall in Italy
Obtain the Nulla Osta (a document required to be married in Italy) at your consulate.
Register the Nulla Osta and other marriage documents with the Italian court of law.
File all paperwork at the Town Hall/Comune
Have an official interpreter/wedding coordinator at the marriage ceremony
Register the wedding and insure that the wedding certificate is legalised after marriage ceremony

Religious Ceremony
Religious Blessings are not legally are not legally binding and can take place anywhere you like - there are no restrictions and no paperwork is required. The ceremony or blessing can also be performed by you own pastor/friend in the villa.

Catholic ceremonies have to be performed in a Catholic Church. At least one person in the couple has to be Catholic. You will have to show certificates of baptism, confirmation and first communion. Catholic weddings are performed by an English-speaking priest.
The closest beautiful churches to the properties that we offer are in San Gimignano or in Monteriggioni.
The Catholic wedding will be the most lengthy and difficult to organise since requirements change from parish to parish.

Protestant weddings :
In Florence there are two churches of note (American Church and Church of England).
The pastor (American or English) can also perform a wedding blessing in a private villa or garden. A Church of England pastor from Florence can come to the villa for blessing.

Jewish weddings :
As the Italian Jewish Community is 100% Orthodox, the synagogues in most cases only marry Orthodox couples who have fulfilled all the religious requirements. If you do wish to hold a Jewish ceremony in a villa or castle of your own choice, we recommend flying over with your own Rabbi.

For the religious ceremonies above by Italian law you must first be married civilly before the pastor/priest can perform the religious ceremony. However, the exception to the rule are Catholic weddings. Many Catholic churches/priests do perform a civil and catholic wedding together. In any case a civil and religious wedding in one will involve a rather large amount of paperwork. We usually recommend either one or the other.

Symbolic ceremony
Symbolic ceremonies are not legally binding and can take place anywhere you like - there are no restrictions and no paperwork is required. The ceremony or blessing can also be performed by you own pastor/friend.


Food & Drink

Excellent food is a major part of the Italian lifestyle and also a very good reason to get married in this beautiful part of the world. Whether you prefer a sit-down meal or a more informal buffet style reception, we can assure you that the quality and freshness of the ingredients will be of the highest standard.

This, coupled with outstanding local wines, we feel will ensure a successful wedding party! Under the guidance of our chef, we will work together to help you create a personalised menu that suites the style of your reception.



We can supply a professional wedding photographer. He has many years of experience with wedding and specialises in contemporary wedding photography, either a traditional or digital (both can be printed, of course ).

A DVD or CD-rom can be ready in the matter of hours. The photos will all be in high resolution with personalised CD cover.

Or if you prefer, you can have a selected number of prints beautifully presented in a handy-craft leather album together with the CD/DVD.

We also offer an edited video with either traditional Italian music or the music of your choice.

Ask for details of photography packages.


For further information, please call us on 01483 419964 to discuss your needs, or simply send us an email specifying the period and number of guests and we will advise you.

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