Typical Salamis and cured meats

SausagesAs well as the excellent ham which you get everywhere, there is the mazzafegati, sweet or savoury liver sausages, a true delicacy for lovers of strong flavours.


Corallina di Norcia is the best known and most highly appreciated salami not only in Umbria, but throughout the whole of Italy.

Fallow-deer cured meats, chiefly made in the area of Nocera Umbra:

fiocco (boned fillet with the fat removed),

bocconcini (small fine-grained sausages),

prosciutto (boned haunch),

cacciatorini (seasoned sausages);


mortadella umbra made using a finely chopped mixture that is encased in gut with a long strip of bacon at the centre;

budellacci affumicati, smoked pig’s entrails that recollect the ancient pork-butcher’s art;

various delicious wild-boar salamis and cured meats including the most recent invention; truffled stuffed wild boar’s trotter.

CiauscoloIn addition to these cold meats, which are the pride and joy of Umbrian gastronomy, we cannot forget another traditional speciality of Umbria: porchetta or roast sucking pig.

A young lean pig weighing 40 or 50 kg is used to make porchetta. Once it is cleaned, the pig is opened and disembowelled, washed and flavoured with herbs and a stuffing of salt, ground black pepper, garlic and wild fennel.

At the end of the preparation, the washed, cut and seasoned entrails are put back inside and the pig is roasted on an aromatic wooden spit.